Monday, September 12, 2022

A Brief History of Basketball

 Did you know that the beginning of the game of basketball appeared? The emergence of the game of basketball began with a sports teacher who saw that his students began to feel bored because they only had line-up activities and gymnastics. The gym teacher was named Dr. James A. Naismith and taught gymnastics at Springfield College, United States.

Naismith finds sense so that his protégés don't get bored by making a game that can be played indoors. At that time, I thought about playing football, but the game of football was not quite right if it was played indoors. Later, Naismith did not give up and continued to try to find a game that could be played indoors.

Naismith had the idea of combining several games, such as football, rugby, and lacrosse to make it playable indoors. However, he still did not find a suitable game.

In a situation of confusion, Naismith remembered the games he played as a teenager in Ontario, Canada. The game played by Naismith is "Duck On A Rock". This game is done by dropping a small stone that is placed on a rock, then the rock on the reef must be dropped with another stone. The player who manages to drop the stone is the winner.

With his teenage game, Naismith came up with the idea of conceiving a game in which each player had to touch the ball on one hit and that target was a basket. The basket was placed on the edge of the balcony with a height of about 3 meters. In this game, a player should not run while holding the ball and the team that scores the most is the winner.

The game was originally played by two groups of 9 people in each group. Naismith's disciples began to compete. The game can be regarded as the first game of basketball in the world.

The game that Naismith created still has some shortcomings, such as when the ball goes into the basket, there must be someone who takes the ball and throws it down. The ball is taken by ascending using the stairs. In fact, sometimes Naismith helped to take the ball.

Although this game still has flaws, but at that time, there were already many Americans who played the game created by Naismith.

Until at one time, there began to be several companies that made a basket under which was given an opening tool. Along with its development, there was someone who had the idea of wearing a single iron hoop surrounded by a hanging net. The idea of an iron circle with a net surrounding it is used to this day.

Meanwhile, the game of "basketball" or "basketball ball" emerged from some students. Name The emergence of the idea was because the game used a net or basket in which in English the basket is basketball.

Thanks to the game he has made, Naismith has gained appreciation and from all over the world. Therefore, in 1932 an organization was formed that specialized in handling basketball. The name of the organization was FIBA (Federation Internationale de Basketball Amateur). The FIBA organization is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 1939, the creator or maker of the game of basketball passed away. Although, Prof. Dr. James A. Naismith or the creator of the game of basketball has passed away, but the game he made is still remembered by the world community.


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