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Check out the Understanding and History of the Game of Basketball

 The understanding and history of the game of basketball must be known by netizens. Basketball is currently one of the popular sports in the world, especially in the United States. 

The first basketball game was carried out since 130 years until today it is still being carried out. Various kinds of basketball games have always attracted the attention of many spectators.

But there are still many who do not know about the meaning and history of the game of basketball. Reporting from several sources, will discuss it. Here's the information;

Understanding Basketball 

Basketball is a group sport and each team consists of 5 players. Both teams play and must try to score as many points as possible by throwing the ball into the opponent's hoop

Basketball has an international standard game time of 4 rounds, the time of each round is 10 minutes (4×10 minutes), with a break of 10 minutes. 

But specifically for the NBA it's different, because it uses a 12-minute-per-half format or 4×12 minutes. While the game of basketball in Indonesia follows the standard duration of 4 x 10 minutes.

History of Basketball

The basketball that is currently known is the result of many modifications since it was first invented. Starting from the type of ball, where the first thing used is a ball for football. Until the discovery of the type of ball that is currently the standard of basketball. 

Originally basketball was a game developed by a physical education teacher named James Naismith around 1891. At that time, he wanted to make a game that his students could play indoors during the winter.

The use of a fairly wide field with basketball games only focuses on passing between friends because the dribble technique has not been invented. But over time the game of basketball continues to develop. 

Putting the ball in the basket is one of the modifications to keep the game going and getting more interesting. Basketball players also continue to improvise how to play, technique, and game strategy so that basketball becomes an attractive game.

Until finally the first basketball game was held on January 20, 1892 at the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) College in Springfield, United States (USA) owned by James Naismith, the creator of the game of basketball.

Since the first basketball game was held, this type of game has become increasingly known throughout the United States. So that various other basketball games have also begun to be held throughout the city. 

As the popularity of the game of basketball in the world increased, on June 18, 1932, the world basketball organization was formed. The organization is named FIBA and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

As for Asia, China was one of the first countries to study basketball, along with Japan and the Philippines. In the 1920s, Chinese immigrants to Indonesia indirectly introduced the sport of basketball.


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