Monday, September 12, 2022

Objectives of the Basketball Game

 As we know that the game of basketball is a teamwork game to put the ball in the hoop so that the game can be won. Therefore, it can be said that the main purpose of the basketball game is teamwork or cohesion.

However, the game of basketball still has some other purpose. The following will describe the purposes of the game of basketball.

Objectives of the Basketball Game

1. Train Sportsmanship

Basically, every sport in this world always prioritizes a sportsmanship attitude, including basketball. This sportsmanship can be shown by playing fairly and not intending to harm opposing players. The sportsmanship gained from the game of basketball can make individuals feel or accept victory or defeat in an airy manner.

In addition, this sportsmanship trains ourselves to appreciate the victory or success of another person or another team. Therefore, a sportsmanship attitude must be possessed by sportsmen. With a sportsmanship attitude, the match of a sport will run fairly and be fun, either for the spectators or the players.

The most important thing about this sportsmanship is to be responsible for the appearance or performance when competing and not to blame others when they are losing.

2. Maintain Emotional Stability

The goal of the next basketball game is to maintain emotional stability. The game of basketball has a goal like this not without reason because with stable emotions will make the game pattern run well or not messy.

However, if there is a player who has unstable emotions, it is very likely that the team he defends will accept defeat. The defeat will make one team feel disappointed. In fact, losing to a team can make the team fail to get the championship.

The emotional stability obtained from the game of basketball will be beneficial for daily life, such as being able to think first before acting, not interfering in other people's affairs, and others.

3. Maintain and Train The Body's Muscle Strength

It is no stranger if the game of basketball really requires a lot of stamina. This is because basketball players have to run, jump, make passes, dribble, and put the ball in the basket. To do that all requires very strong body muscles.

Therefore, the game of basketball aims to train the strength of the body's muscles. The muscles of the body are very used in basketball games, so their strength and health must be maintained. Body muscles that are not in a fit condition will make the player play not optimally.

In order to maintain the health and strength of the body's muscles, basketball players must do regular training. With exercises that are done regularly, the health and strength of the body's muscles will be maintained. Not only that, regular exercise will increase the body's metabolism and increase the concentration of basketball players.

4. Increase Self-Confidence

In a team or team sports match, you definitely want a victory. The victory obtained by a team really requires confidence in each of its players.

In the game of basketball relies heavily on individual strength and game strategy. However, there is one more thing that needs to be considered in the game of basketball, namely the self-confidence that every player has. Players who already have high self-confidence will increase morale in a team.

Thus, the game of basketball has the aim of increasing self-confidence in each player. To increase self-confidence can be obtained from anywhere, such as wins, losses, and scores of matches that take place.

5. Train Communication

In a sport of teamwork such as basketball is in dire need of such a thing as communication of players with players and players with coaches. The pattern of the game will be well formed as long as communication goes well on the field.

Communication in a team can be done by getting to know the character of each player, listening to each other, and supporting each other. With well-established communication skills in a team, it is likely to succeed in achieving victory.

6. Winning

It is important for every team that plays basketball that winning is a must-get. Therefore, achieving victory is one of the goals of the basketball game.

The victory achieved by a team will give a sense of enthusiasm to face the next game. The sense of enthusiasm that is being felt can increase the confidence in each player, so that victory can be achieved.

To achieve victory in a match requires not only self-confidence, but the ability of each player, communication between players, and emotional stability are needed. If it's all in possession, then the strategy of putting the ball in the basket and winning the game will go well


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