Saturday, October 29, 2022

How to Perform a Two Hand Overhead Pass Movement in Basketball

 Two hand overhead pass is one of the passing techniques in the game of basketball.

The meaning of a two hand overhead pass is to make a pass with both hands on top of the head.

Overhead passing in basketball games is called overhead pass.

The two hand overhead pass technique is usually used for long feed.

Quoted from Breakthrough Basketball, here's how to do the two-hand overhead pass movement:

  1. When applying overhead pass, the starting position of the passing body or the throwing of the basketball through the top of the head is facing the direction of the throw.
  2. Then, the movement of the passing arm or throwing the basketball through the top of the head is to swing in the direction of the throw until the elbow is straight.
  3. Then, the release of the ball from the hand when passing or throwing the basketball through the top of the head is when the arm is in a straight position.
  4. The end of the movement of the body position after passing or throwing the ball when going through the top of the head is the weight carried forward.
To use this technique, the pitcher must be alert when the ball is behind the head because it has the potential to be snatched by the opposing player from behind.

The use of overhead passes is more appropriate when a player is closely guarded by the opponent or when the distance with the pass receiver is far enough.

The overhead pass technique is used to escape the opponent's guard by taking advantage of the presence of comrades in the low post area.

One-Handed Long Feed Technique

Unlike the two hand overhead pass, another type of long feed that uses one hand is the baseball pass.

Still quoted from the Breakthrough Basketball page, baseball pass is an attempt to throw the ball with one hand to give it to a squad player in a long enough distance.

For example, when the intended player stands free from the opponent's control at the end of the playing field is different, from the team member who is holding the ball.


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