Saturday, October 29, 2022

Lakers Slumped, Denver Nuggets Advised To Try To Get LeBron James Via Trade

 The LA Lakers were very disappointing at the start of the 2022-2023 NBA season. From the initial five games, Darvin Ham's team has not won.

This triggered the news that the Lakers star, LeBron James, was no longer at home in Arena.

In fact, there was a twitter account saying LeBron James had asked the Lakers to trade him.

Seeing that there are only four NBA teams whose salary amount does not exceed the salary cap makes the trade scenario against James a bit difficult to realize.

Moreover, James has a very expensive salary, reaching 44.7 million US dollars (around Rp. 694 billion) per season.

Former Denver Nuggets coach George Karl also posted a tweet on his twitter account regarding LeBron James' situation with the Lakers.

There is a figure who once coached the Seattle Supersonics, the Denver Nuggets can be a suitable port for LeBron James.

"The Denver Nuggets should have made a trade to get LeBron James," said George Karl.

But the problem is, the Denver Nuggets have over salary of 48 million US dollars (around Rp746 billion).

And of course, the Lakers will ask for players with high value but affordable salaries. But it's also not impossible for the Lakers to ask Jamal Murray.

Despite an 18-month injury, Murray remains an important player for the Nuggets. Moreover, his position is a point guard, very suitable to replace Russell Westbrook who floped at the beginning of this season.

The Lakers also certainly asked for a few more players so their team could be fit.

It could be that, if they don't ask Murray, the Lakers want Michael Porter Jr, plus low-paying players who have contributions to the Nuggets.

What is clear is that although George Karl is the legendary coach of the Nuggets, the team must carefully consider his suggestions


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