Saturday, October 29, 2022

Various Mistakes That Often Occur in Basketball Games

 Learning basketball is not only a matter of technique, but also of the rules.

Not a few novice basketballers make a lot of mistakes in the game of basketball. What are those mistakes?

Here's an explanation of the various mistakes that often occur in basketball games:

Basketball Dribble Error

A common mistake that often occurs for both beginners and professionals is dribble or dribbling.

The dribble errors in the game of basketball are:

  1. The bounce of the ball is too high.
  2. Bouncing the ball too far away from the body.
  3. Bounce the ball by patting the ball.
  4. Less strong when bouncing the ball to the floor.
  5. Dribble with both hands simultaneously.
  6. Exceeding the step limit when performing a dribble.

From the above mistakes, it can be categorized into basketball dribbling offenses, namely:

  1. Double dribble violation
  2. Walking or traveling
  3. Carrying

Common Mistakes in Basketball

Personal Foul

Personal foul is an individual offense. Personal fouls include hitting, pushing, and slapping opponents as well as making illegal physical contact to block the opposing player's path. Penalties for personal fouls are free throws and foul outs.

Intentional Foul

If the basketball player pushes the opponent so that the opponent eliminates the hope of the ball entering, then what happens next is the intentional foul.

Flagrant Foul

Flagrant foul is a type of unethical offense that is deliberately wanting to inflict an opponent injury or punching the opponent's body when scrambling for the ball/dueling.

The punishment for flagrant foul can be in the form of free throw, technical foul and foul out for the offender, and the most severe is suspension.

Blocking Foul

Blocking fouls is an illegal personal offense by blocking the opponent's path so that the opponent does not get the right position to put the ball in the basket.

Charging Foul

Charging foul is an offensive offense (attacking situation) that is carried out by pushing or hitting the opposing team's defensive players.


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