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Saturday, October 29, 2022

Lakers Slumped, Denver Nuggets Advised To Try To Get LeBron James Via Trade

 The LA Lakers were very disappointing at the start of the 2022-2023 NBA season. From the initial five games, Darvin Ham's team has not won.

This triggered the news that the Lakers star, LeBron James, was no longer at home in Arena.

In fact, there was a twitter account saying LeBron James had asked the Lakers to trade him.

Seeing that there are only four NBA teams whose salary amount does not exceed the salary cap makes the trade scenario against James a bit difficult to realize.

Moreover, James has a very expensive salary, reaching 44.7 million US dollars (around Rp. 694 billion) per season.

Former Denver Nuggets coach George Karl also posted a tweet on his twitter account regarding LeBron James' situation with the Lakers.

There is a figure who once coached the Seattle Supersonics, the Denver Nuggets can be a suitable port for LeBron James.

"The Denver Nuggets should have made a trade to get LeBron James," said George Karl.

But the problem is, the Denver Nuggets have over salary of 48 million US dollars (around Rp746 billion).

And of course, the Lakers will ask for players with high value but affordable salaries. But it's also not impossible for the Lakers to ask Jamal Murray.

Despite an 18-month injury, Murray remains an important player for the Nuggets. Moreover, his position is a point guard, very suitable to replace Russell Westbrook who floped at the beginning of this season.

The Lakers also certainly asked for a few more players so their team could be fit.

It could be that, if they don't ask Murray, the Lakers want Michael Porter Jr, plus low-paying players who have contributions to the Nuggets.

What is clear is that although George Karl is the legendary coach of the Nuggets, the team must carefully consider his suggestions

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Celtics: Ime Udoka suspended for 'multiple' policy violations

 The suspension runs through June 30, 2023, and assistant Joe Mazzulla will lead the team as interim coach for the 2022-23 season.

The reigning Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics suspended coach Ime Udoka after a months-long investigation by an outside law firm that found multiple violations of team policies but did not point to a larger cultural problem of sexual misconduct, owner Wyc Grousbeck said Friday.

Celtics: Ime Udoka suspended for 'multiple' policy violations
“We go to great lengths … to run the organization with the central core value of respect and freedom in the workplace from harassment or any unwelcome attention,” Grousbeck said at a news conference. “This feels very much, to me, like one of a kind. That’s my personal belief. But I’ll have to verify that.”

Neither Grousbeck nor president of basketball operations Brad Stevens would elaborate on the specifics of the violations or the private report that was delivered to the team two days ago. But a person with knowledge of the matter, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the details were not made public, told The Associated Press that it involved an inappropriate relationship with a woman in the organization.

Udoka's multiple violations involved one woman, a Celtics spokesman said Friday. No one else in the organization is facing discipline, Grousbeck said, adding that the team will be vigilant to make sure that Udoka's actions aren't a signal that there is a larger problem.

“I personally don’t believe that they’re a deeper signal,” Grousbeck said. “But we will be — I will be, personally — talking to members of the organization to make sure that that’s the case.”

A first-year coach who is three months removed from a trip to the NBA Finals, Udoka was suspended less than a week before training camp was to open for a team considered among the favorites to win it all this season. Assistant Joe Mazzulla was elevated to interim coach through June 30, 2023; the Celtics say they have not decided about Udoka’s future beyond then.

Stevens grew emotional when discussing the effect the scandal has had on the team — especially the women who were singled out on social media as possibly being involved. The team reached out to employees to offer support.

"We have a lot of talented women in our organization. I thought yesterday was really hard on them," Stevens said. "Nobody can control Twitter speculation, rampant [expletive], but I do think that we as an organization have a responsibility to make sure we're there to support them now. Because a lot of people were dragged unfairly into that."

Grousbeck said the team learned of the problem earlier this summer and immediately brought in an outside law firm to investigate. After receiving the report, Grousbeck met with Udoka and he expressed "acceptance and appreciation for how this has been handled."

Grousbeck would not say whether the suspension was unpaid but confirmed that it comes with a "significant financial penalty." A year-long suspension is uncommon but not unprecedented for a professional sports coach, but the lack of public detail about Udoka's behavior has led some to question whether it was too severe.

Grousbeck disagreed and noted that Udoka accepted the punishment and apologized.

"I personally feel that this is well-warranted and appropriate, backed by substantial research and evidence and facts," the owner said. "It was clear that something substantial needed to be done. And it was."

Mazzulla, 34, led West Virginia to a victory in the 2007 NIT tournament and an upset over ninth-ranked Duke in the next year’s NCAA’s. His only head coaching experience was a two-year stint from 2017-19 at Division II Fairmont State in West Virginia.

“Joe’s going to be in charge. It’s not easy timing for him or the rest of the staff, but he’s an exceptionally sharp and talented person,” said Stevens, who added that he gave no serious thought to stepping back onto the bench himself. “This will be an unbelievable challenge, but I’m really confident in the team and the coaching staff that’s going to take the court on Tuesday. It’s not what we expected to happen, but I’m very confident in them.”

* * *

AP Basketball Writer Tim Reynolds in Miami contributed to this report.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Golden State Warriors to Play in Japan for NBA Preseason

 The 2022 NBA champions Golden State Warriors enjoyed their lavish vacation over the summer. But it doesn't end here, because they will get another extraordinary experience. The Warriors are scheduled to play a preseason game in Tokyo, Japan. Head coach Steve Kerr welcomed this news.

The new season is about to begin. The Dubs again fought and defended their title. With the team's composition still intact, the Warriors will be competing for the title again. The Warriors are still favourites to win the title in the 2022-2023 season, as Cluth Points' Joey Mistretta put it. 

Golden State Warriors to Play in Japan for NBA Preseason

"I think in the Western Conference there will be a rivalry between the Golden State and the Clippers. As for the Eastern Conference, I like the Brooklyn Nets, if they've been able to rebuild their team. Otherwise, in the Eastern Conference there will be fierce competition between the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics if they have no problem with player fitness. For the Golden State Warriors, I think they'll be able to get one more ring," he said.

It is obviously too early to draw conclusions. Because at this point, anything can happen that could derail their title hopes. But the Warriors can't think that way now. For them, his team is currently good.

Meanwhile, the Warriors have a fun schedule in the preseason. They will play in Tokyo, Japan. This will be the Warriors' first experience performing in the Land of the Rising Sun. Warriors fans, especially in the Asian region, will also be happy with the news.

While many are concerned that long-distance travel will have a negative impact on players' fitness. But not for head coach Steve Kerr. He instead saw a lot of positives from their trip to Japan.

"I admit that long trips are not the ideal way for training camp. But this is an amazing opportunity," Kerr said, quoted from "Tokyo, is an amazing city. It will be an exciting experience for players and coaches. I feel that there are many benefits to being in Tokyo with the team and developing the game. Seeing the Japanese people cheering on Steph Curry and his team, it will be a sensation in itself."

Currently, only the Warriors are rumored to be going to Tokyo. And, the schedule has also not been released by the NBA. There are usually two teams in one city, when there is an international preseason schedule.