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NBA Coaches Don't Have to Wear Suits and Loafers Anymore

 The NBA will continue to allow coaching staff to wear sportswear like last season. It seems that the coach's dress rules made by David Stern have been lost. And, it won't come back again. Instead, the NBA gives coaches the opportunity to earn extra money from sponsors, through the clothes they wear.

In the 2022-2023 NBA season, there will be many coaches wearing quarter zipper sportswear, polo shirts, or turtle necks. While at the bottom, the trainers can wear sneakers that they like. The news about the implementation of branded casualwear that aligns with the team was conveyed by Marc Stein, an NBA reporter. Next season, the coaches can be more relaxed in leading their teams. So did the team staff on the bench. 

NBA Coaches Don't Have to Wear Suits and Loafers Anymore
It seems that the era of expensive clothes and shoes that David Stern made will be abolished. In 2010, the league made a rule requiring coaches and their staff to wear collared shirts with suits. But NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is not like his predecessor. Silver cares about the coach who is already having a headache thinking about 82 games. They will no longer be burdened with the rules of clothing.

It is also beneficial for the team, the coaches, and the sponsors. Because Nike, as the official sponsor of the NBA, can get a new place to put up its logo. The coaches also get as much match camera spotlight as the players. Meanwhile, coach clothing, which usually consists of polo shirts and jackets, is even more in demand by the market. The report on the sales of coach clothing merchandise in the NBA Store was also good last season.

These casual wear for coaches begin at the end of the 2019-2020 NBA season. At that time, several teams entered the "NBA Bubble" in Orlando, Florida. However, all coaches agreed to keep the outfit as they returned to their respective arenas in the next two seasons. Although the dress code is getting more relaxed, most coaches stick to simple sneakers. The hope is that next season they will enliven the sneaker market by wearing well-known brands.

Carmelo Anthony Is Not The First Priority To Replace Danilo Gallinari at Celtics

 On September 2, 2022, the Boston Celtics announced that Danilo Gallinari would miss all NBA games for the 2022-2023 season. The cause was an ACL injury to his left knee, while playing for the Italian national team. The Celtics can only resign themselves to the state of the newly signed player on July 12, 2022.

Gallinari signed a two-year deal worth US$13.3 million with the Celtics. Unfortunately not having had time to play for the club, he suffered an ACL injury. Eventually some observers tried to find a suitable player to replace Gallinari. Until finally the name Carmelo Anthony appeared, who is now a "free agent".  

Carmelo Anthony Is Not The First Priority To Replace Danilo Gallinari at Celtics

Carmelo Anthony is seen as a potential replacement for Gallinari. The veteran player, who has been an NBA All-Star 10 times, is still able to contribute over the past few seasons. He scored 13.3 points per game with 44.1 percent of shots off the field and 37.5 percent of three-pointers off the bench with the Lakers last season. A year earlier, Anthony scored 13.4 points per game off the bench with the Portland Trail Blazers.

But it appears the Celtics are not interested in the 38-year-old. The news was relayed by Brian Robb of MassLive. Anthony doesn't seem to be an option for the Celtics to replace Gallinari. But the name sam hauser appears, the player the Celtics took from the undrafted list of 2021. This player got a two-way contract from the Celtics, so he could play for the first team in the NBA, and the Maine Celtics in the NBA G League. 

The 24-year-old looked promising with a statistical record specifically in long-range shots. Hauser made 43.2 percent tripoin in 26 games with the Boston Celtics in the 2021-2022 NBA regular season. He also scored 20.2 points per game with 40.7 percent tripoin in 13 NBA G League regular season games with the Maine Celtics.

The proof that the Celtics prefer Hauser is to provide a raise and a longer contract. The Celtics signed him for a three-year duration of US$6 million in July 2022. When Hauser's deal was signed, then the Celtics had enough pay room for Gallinari and Malcolm Brogdon. Unfortunately, Galinari can't play.

While according to a report by Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe, the Celtics did lose Gallinari. But they still have Sam Hauser in the rotation of players. So there is no need to sign new players, let alone veteran players whose contributions are still in doubt. The Celtics currently have 12 players on the roster. They still have three unfilled player slots

Russell Westbrook Wants to Be the "Lead Actor" Again

 It's interesting to follow Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers' drama these days. Amid concerns about not getting a new club, Westbrook even said that he wanted to be the "main actor" again. He wants to play like in the OKC Thunder, Houston Rockets, or Washington Wizards. But on the other hand, Westbrook is worried that no team is willing to give him this position. 

Russell Westbrook Wants to Be the "Lead Actor" Again

Westbrook's move to the Lakers at the break of last year's competition season, took the NBA players market by storm. Because Westbrook is considered to be going to make the Lakers superior. But the reality is reversed, the Laker didn't even make the playoffs. Until finally, rumors of "throwing away" Westbrook have started to blow since the end of the 2021-2022 season. 

Rob Pelinka as general manager of the Lakers is already "peddling" Westbrook to almost every team in the league. The package offered is Westbrook with two NBA Draft tickets for 2027 and 2029. It turns out that until now no one wants to accept the offer. Some teams instead consider that Westbrook's performance is far below the salary he received. Westbrook next season receives a salary of US$47 million. In fact, there are teams that are asking for more players from the Lakers to add added value from Russell Westbrook.

Knowing this difficult situation, Westbrook responded with two different attitudes. The first attitude as expressed by Brian Windhorst. Westbrook sought to seek the attention of the management. Then be kind to all the Lakers players. Including the newly arrived Patrick Beverley. Even though everyone knows that Westbrook and Beverley are like mortal enemies. 

Then, the second attitude as reported by ESPN's Ramona Shelbourne. Westbrook did not ask for himself to be sent to another team. That is to say, Westbrook is actually still at home in the Lakers. Unlike the situation facing Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets. Westbrook can play in the Lakers next season, if this team can't find a profitable deal. On the contrary, if anyone is willing to exchange it, then Westbrook asks that the new team can restore its role to the way it was.

"He hasn't asked for a player swap yet. I'm already convinced of that. But he's willing to move if any team wants him. It's just that, Westbrook wants him to be the main player. He wants to go back to being the Russell Westbrook he used to be," Shelbourne said. 

The last time Westbrook played the lead actor was when Bradley Beal was injured. He became the fulcrum of the Washington Wizard team, which appeared in 65 games, contributing 22.2 points, 11.5 rebounds and 11.7 assists per game. In the Lakers, his status is indeed a supporter of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Like it or not, Westbrook was forced to do the task, if he didn't want to lose a big fee.

Golden State Warriors to Play in Japan for NBA Preseason

 The 2022 NBA champions Golden State Warriors enjoyed their lavish vacation over the summer. But it doesn't end here, because they will get another extraordinary experience. The Warriors are scheduled to play a preseason game in Tokyo, Japan. Head coach Steve Kerr welcomed this news.

The new season is about to begin. The Dubs again fought and defended their title. With the team's composition still intact, the Warriors will be competing for the title again. The Warriors are still favourites to win the title in the 2022-2023 season, as Cluth Points' Joey Mistretta put it. 

Golden State Warriors to Play in Japan for NBA Preseason

"I think in the Western Conference there will be a rivalry between the Golden State and the Clippers. As for the Eastern Conference, I like the Brooklyn Nets, if they've been able to rebuild their team. Otherwise, in the Eastern Conference there will be fierce competition between the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics if they have no problem with player fitness. For the Golden State Warriors, I think they'll be able to get one more ring," he said.

It is obviously too early to draw conclusions. Because at this point, anything can happen that could derail their title hopes. But the Warriors can't think that way now. For them, his team is currently good.

Meanwhile, the Warriors have a fun schedule in the preseason. They will play in Tokyo, Japan. This will be the Warriors' first experience performing in the Land of the Rising Sun. Warriors fans, especially in the Asian region, will also be happy with the news.

While many are concerned that long-distance travel will have a negative impact on players' fitness. But not for head coach Steve Kerr. He instead saw a lot of positives from their trip to Japan.

"I admit that long trips are not the ideal way for training camp. But this is an amazing opportunity," Kerr said, quoted from fadeawayworld.net. "Tokyo, is an amazing city. It will be an exciting experience for players and coaches. I feel that there are many benefits to being in Tokyo with the team and developing the game. Seeing the Japanese people cheering on Steph Curry and his team, it will be a sensation in itself."

Currently, only the Warriors are rumored to be going to Tokyo. And, the schedule has also not been released by the NBA. There are usually two teams in one city, when there is an international preseason schedule.

Luka Doncic Gets Into Legal Dispute with His Mother

 Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic has to deal with a legal case. This time the opponent is Mirjam Poterbin, who is none other than his own biological mother. This civil law case arose after his mother refused to hand over the trademark "LUKA DONCIC 7".

Luka Doncic, who is focused on participating in EuroBasket 2022, has started a legal dispute with his own mother. Quoted from Elmundo.es media, Doncic wants to take control of the trademark rights he created. But Mirjam Poterbin would not hand it over. 

Luka Doncic Gets Into Legal Dispute with His Mother

According to Marc Stein, Doncic's side has filed a petition with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The purpose is that the trademark "LUKA DONCIC 7" was cancelled, and it was no longer allowed to make goods under its name. The lawyers of the Slovenian player filed a lawsuit to remove his mother's trademark.

"I have a lot to learn as a player and as a person. Then it's important for me to control my own brand," Luka Doncic was quoted as saying by Stein Line.

Doncic initially allowed his mother to register his name as a trademark in 2018. At that time he was still a first-year player in the NBA. But last year, Doncic requested that the company take off the trademark. It turned out that the request was rejected by his mother. 

This case arose after Doncic got signature shoes from Jordan Brand. Doncic seems to want to step up the deal with Jordan Brand to create a new brand. But it's stuck because there is already a trademark that uses its name. When he tried to register a new trademark under the name "Luka Doncic", it was rejected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

"This is a last-ditch effort to gain complete control of its name, brand, charitable foundation and business dealings," Marc Stein said, mimicking Doncic's remarks.

"I have a lot to look forward to because I continue to grow as a player and personally and it's important that I control my own brand and focus on giving back to my community," Doncic told Stein.

Jordan Brand and Luka Doncic's contracts began in 2019. Although there is no mention of the indigo, this contract is touted as a mega-deal. Because it is said to be worth tens of millions of United States dollars. Quoted from republikworld.com, if Zion Williamson alone receives US$75 million, then Doncic is estimated to be higher than that. Meanwhile, if you look at Doncic's efforts to get to the realm of law, it seems that he sees an opportunity to get big money from Jordan Brand. But first Doncic had to remove the trademark held by his mother.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Objectives of the Basketball Game

 As we know that the game of basketball is a teamwork game to put the ball in the hoop so that the game can be won. Therefore, it can be said that the main purpose of the basketball game is teamwork or cohesion.

However, the game of basketball still has some other purpose. The following will describe the purposes of the game of basketball.

Objectives of the Basketball Game

1. Train Sportsmanship

Basically, every sport in this world always prioritizes a sportsmanship attitude, including basketball. This sportsmanship can be shown by playing fairly and not intending to harm opposing players. The sportsmanship gained from the game of basketball can make individuals feel or accept victory or defeat in an airy manner.

In addition, this sportsmanship trains ourselves to appreciate the victory or success of another person or another team. Therefore, a sportsmanship attitude must be possessed by sportsmen. With a sportsmanship attitude, the match of a sport will run fairly and be fun, either for the spectators or the players.

The most important thing about this sportsmanship is to be responsible for the appearance or performance when competing and not to blame others when they are losing.

2. Maintain Emotional Stability

The goal of the next basketball game is to maintain emotional stability. The game of basketball has a goal like this not without reason because with stable emotions will make the game pattern run well or not messy.

However, if there is a player who has unstable emotions, it is very likely that the team he defends will accept defeat. The defeat will make one team feel disappointed. In fact, losing to a team can make the team fail to get the championship.

The emotional stability obtained from the game of basketball will be beneficial for daily life, such as being able to think first before acting, not interfering in other people's affairs, and others.

3. Maintain and Train The Body's Muscle Strength

It is no stranger if the game of basketball really requires a lot of stamina. This is because basketball players have to run, jump, make passes, dribble, and put the ball in the basket. To do that all requires very strong body muscles.

Therefore, the game of basketball aims to train the strength of the body's muscles. The muscles of the body are very used in basketball games, so their strength and health must be maintained. Body muscles that are not in a fit condition will make the player play not optimally.

In order to maintain the health and strength of the body's muscles, basketball players must do regular training. With exercises that are done regularly, the health and strength of the body's muscles will be maintained. Not only that, regular exercise will increase the body's metabolism and increase the concentration of basketball players.

4. Increase Self-Confidence

In a team or team sports match, you definitely want a victory. The victory obtained by a team really requires confidence in each of its players.

In the game of basketball relies heavily on individual strength and game strategy. However, there is one more thing that needs to be considered in the game of basketball, namely the self-confidence that every player has. Players who already have high self-confidence will increase morale in a team.

Thus, the game of basketball has the aim of increasing self-confidence in each player. To increase self-confidence can be obtained from anywhere, such as wins, losses, and scores of matches that take place.

5. Train Communication

In a sport of teamwork such as basketball is in dire need of such a thing as communication of players with players and players with coaches. The pattern of the game will be well formed as long as communication goes well on the field.

Communication in a team can be done by getting to know the character of each player, listening to each other, and supporting each other. With well-established communication skills in a team, it is likely to succeed in achieving victory.

6. Winning

It is important for every team that plays basketball that winning is a must-get. Therefore, achieving victory is one of the goals of the basketball game.

The victory achieved by a team will give a sense of enthusiasm to face the next game. The sense of enthusiasm that is being felt can increase the confidence in each player, so that victory can be achieved.

To achieve victory in a match requires not only self-confidence, but the ability of each player, communication between players, and emotional stability are needed. If it's all in possession, then the strategy of putting the ball in the basket and winning the game will go well

A Brief History of Basketball

 Did you know that the beginning of the game of basketball appeared? The emergence of the game of basketball began with a sports teacher who saw that his students began to feel bored because they only had line-up activities and gymnastics. The gym teacher was named Dr. James A. Naismith and taught gymnastics at Springfield College, United States.

Naismith finds sense so that his protégés don't get bored by making a game that can be played indoors. At that time, I thought about playing football, but the game of football was not quite right if it was played indoors. Later, Naismith did not give up and continued to try to find a game that could be played indoors.

Naismith had the idea of combining several games, such as football, rugby, and lacrosse to make it playable indoors. However, he still did not find a suitable game.

In a situation of confusion, Naismith remembered the games he played as a teenager in Ontario, Canada. The game played by Naismith is "Duck On A Rock". This game is done by dropping a small stone that is placed on a rock, then the rock on the reef must be dropped with another stone. The player who manages to drop the stone is the winner.

With his teenage game, Naismith came up with the idea of conceiving a game in which each player had to touch the ball on one hit and that target was a basket. The basket was placed on the edge of the balcony with a height of about 3 meters. In this game, a player should not run while holding the ball and the team that scores the most is the winner.

The game was originally played by two groups of 9 people in each group. Naismith's disciples began to compete. The game can be regarded as the first game of basketball in the world.

The game that Naismith created still has some shortcomings, such as when the ball goes into the basket, there must be someone who takes the ball and throws it down. The ball is taken by ascending using the stairs. In fact, sometimes Naismith helped to take the ball.

Although this game still has flaws, but at that time, there were already many Americans who played the game created by Naismith.

Until at one time, there began to be several companies that made a basket under which was given an opening tool. Along with its development, there was someone who had the idea of wearing a single iron hoop surrounded by a hanging net. The idea of an iron circle with a net surrounding it is used to this day.

Meanwhile, the game of "basketball" or "basketball ball" emerged from some students. Name The emergence of the idea was because the game used a net or basket in which in English the basket is basketball.

Thanks to the game he has made, Naismith has gained appreciation and from all over the world. Therefore, in 1932 an organization was formed that specialized in handling basketball. The name of the organization was FIBA (Federation Internationale de Basketball Amateur). The FIBA organization is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 1939, the creator or maker of the game of basketball passed away. Although, Prof. Dr. James A. Naismith or the creator of the game of basketball has passed away, but the game he made is still remembered by the world community.